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The following information defines the terms and conditions of use of the website Please read them carefully before navigating on the website.

1. Legal Information:
Website editor:
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By using this website you accept the terms of use described below. The company Defroidmont reserves the right to change these terms at any time without prior notice.

2. Intellectual property:
All materials on this website (text, graphics or multimedia ...) are the exclusive property of DEFROIDMONT Company or third parties who have been authorized. They are protected by Intellectual Property rights. Being able to see and record data from this website on another medium gives no right of reproduction or representation total or partial of this website or of all or part of its elements. Only a solely and strictly private use is tolerated, subject to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.
Trademarks and logos of DEFROIDMONT Company and its partners listed on the website are registered trademarks. Under Articles L. 713-2 and following the Intellectual Property Code, is not permitted without express permission of their owners, any reproduction or total or partial representation, modification or deletion of these brands.
The establishment of links to one or more pages of this website requires the prior consent of the publication director. Any link that has not been previously authorized must be removed at the request of the Company DEFROIDMONT.

3. Protection of personal data:
The website represented by DEFROIDMONT SAS is committed to protecting your personal data and your privacy. The DEFROIDMONT company, exploiting the website is registered to the CNIL under registration number: gwn1284784k.
This section includes all information related to the processing of personal data.
The customer's personal data (name, company name, email and postal addresses, phone numbers, bank account information, password ...) are collected by the Company DEFROIDMONT in order to have a good command handling performance (treatment, routing, invoicing ...). The user is informed of the nature of the data : mandatory or optional. When the mandatory datas are lacking, no order may be recorded. In addition, because it is a voluntary act, the customer agrees to provide us with sincere and true information about him.
The DEROIDMONT company may be required to communicate this data to answer an injunction from legal authorities.

Particular case of the newsletter: E-mail addresses collected in the mailing list frame are used only for sending our newsletters. You can unsubscribe at any time by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link in each email sent.

According to the law "Informatique et liberté" of 6 January 1978, you have a permanent right of opposition, access, correction and deletion of all datas collected about you.
To exercise this right you can send your complaints to this email:

-or by mail at:
159 Grand Rue

All requests must be accompanied by a proof of identity. Note that you can directly view, change or delete your personal data on our website by accessing your personal space.

For further information on your rights, you can consult the website of the CNIL.

4. Responsibility:
The data in this website are provided for information only, without any implicit or explicit guarantee. The company DEFROIDMONT withdraws from any lawful or unlawful use of data on this website. All informations on this website may contain technical and / or typographical errors.
The company DEFROIDMONT is not responsible for the content of linked pages through its website, or for the use of the content of these pages.

5. Use of customer opinions on products:
1. Conditions of Use:
The user of the website has the possibility to express an opinion on the submitted products. Only the opinions on the products will be considered by website moderators.
All opinions will previously be submitted to the moderator reading, in order to protect users from inappropriate messages.
Moderators are intended to verify the compliance of notices published on the website. Compliance that you can find in this article.
The audit of the opinions is made a priori, the publication of a notice therefore requires the approval of the moderator in order to be posted and visible to all users.
The moderator is a person who is objective and remains impartial. He ensures compliance with French legislation.
The moderation of this website is entrusted to the DEFROIDMONT consumer service (by phone from Monday to Friday from 9h to 17h, Mail:

To give his opinion, the user must choose a Username. This Username must respect public order. That is, it can not in any way constitute a racist, anti-semitic or revisionist statement. It does not constitute an insult or a defamatory speech against an identifiable individual or group of identifiable individuals. The Username can not display religious or political beliefs of the user, nor include trademarks and logos.
Any opinion delivered by a pseudonym that does not meet the legal criteria would be deleted by our moderators.
The opinion delivered by the user must also comply with the terms stated above.

2. Condition for giving an opinion:
The user, in order to give an opinion on the product, has to:
Have consumed the product.
Award a score on the product from 1 to 5 stars.

3. The content of a notice:
The user agrees to provide an opinion only on the product, delivery is not taken into account in a product opinion.
The user must be in good faith, for his opinion to be of interest. It is not simply whether he likes or not the product or recipe but also to explain the reason which have led him to like it or not.
In its opinion the user must be concise, with a maximum of 200 words. He must also respect the other users and must not mention any trade mark other than those available on the website
The notice must comply with French legislation and not be an affront to common decency. No racist or defamatory remarks, advertisment for alcoholic beverages ... will be accepted on the website.
The user agrees not to include in its opinion their personal informations, external links to the website, or other malicious process for other users.

4. Responsibility for the opinions provided :

The user is solely responsible for the content of the opinions he expresses. DEFROIDMONT is not responsible for user statements.
The opinions available on the website can be used freely for commercial use, only if they are not distorted, and if their integrity is maintained.