Secure payment

Payment by CB online: 

visa  Your order will be shipped upon receipt and acceptance of your payment by banking payment centers concerned. 
The payment of your purchases is made in Euros. 
Cards issued by banks outside of France must be international bank cards.


               3D secure When you set your order by credit card, the information on your card is sent directly to the BNP Paribasthat secures the site. 
Security is enhanced through 3DSecure process ATOS.

You will benefit from increased protection since you will need to enter in addition to your credit card number, its expiration date and the three digit security code on the back of the card, a password (your date eg birth (simple authentication) or a specific code for single use (strong authentication) that you have been sent by SMS a few seconds before on your mobile phone).

This service is free (the SMS is not charged).